Long Range Shooting Courses and Practice

Learn to shoot with the best in the business.

Western Lands Outfitters has partnered up with Gunwerks to offer you the opportunity to experience the Gunwerks Shooting System in a controlled training environment, and then apply the techniques learned in the classroom to real hunting situations. Gunwerks is leading the industry with cutting-edge long range shooting products and training. Western Lands Offers these schools in Utah and Texas and include lodging and meals.

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Class Description and Dates

Learn what is really necessary to make a 1000-yard shot! From the science behind bullet and cartridge selection, to simplification techniques to compensate for Corriolis and Spin Drift--not to mention Wind Deflection!

Your time will be split between classroom and field shooting. We will show you the science behind long range shooting, and then apply it in the field. The rifles, ammo and shooting products are provided by Gunwerks - you don’t need to bring any shooting gear! When you are finished with this course you will have a cursory understanding of 1000-yard ballistics, and field experience shooting at those ranges.

Day One

  • Terminal Ballistics and Bullet Performance
  • External Ballistics and Trajectory Validation
  • Ballistic Compensation Techniques
  • Long Range Shooting Equipment
  • Cartridge / Ammunition Selection
  • Shooting Fundamentals
  • Range Shooting Basics
  • Rifle Cleaning and Maintenance

Day Two

  • Rangefinding - Error and Equipment
  • Wind Deflection - Reducing and Reading
  • Correction for Air Density and Changes
  • Measuring and Correcting for Shot Angle
  • Exploring Spin Drift and Coriolis
  • Shot Placement
  • Advanced/Field Shooting Mountain Course

Call for more information, or book your dates now! A deposit of $500 is required when you check out.

We offer a $500 discount on the LR-1000 Shooting System for all attendees who buy at the school. Cannot be combined with any other offers.

Upcoming Events

June 12, 2018

Shooting School - Level Three
Part One

June 13, 2018

Shooting School - Level Three
Part Two

June 14, 2018

Shooting School - Level Three
Part One

June 15, 2018

Shooting School - Level Three
Part Two

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Level One

Level One content is foundational knowledge necessary for mastery of the shooting discipline. Whether you are studying Long Range Shooting, Reloading, or Long Range Hunting Preparation, when you complete a Level 1 course you will have the skills and techniques required to progress.

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Level Two

Level 2 courses are designed to build on the foundation established in Level 1. Level 2 courses combine equal parts of classroom and practical training. Completion of Level 2 signifies a significant step in your progression in mastery of discipline. L2 classes will require completion of prerequisite course material.

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Level Three

Level 3 courses are designed around in situation training scenarios packaged to enhance the training experience. In Level 3 we try to avoid the classroom and perform in-field debriefing and instruction. L3 classes will require completion of prerequisite course material.

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