Ensign Ranch

Location Name: Ensign Ranch

Ensign Ranches is a privately owned family ranch located in both northern Utah and western Wyoming. Ensign Ranches is one of the largest landholders in the state of Utah and has an equally impressive wildlife and hunting program. The ranch setting is in the Rocky Mountain range and is home to mule deer, elk, antelope, moose, cougars and bears. The ranch offers many opportunities for our hunters; all hunts are fully guided from our new lodge centered on the property. Ensign is proud of being the home to one of the few true trophy mule deer ranches in the country. The ranch is enrolled in Utah's CWMU program, which creates a 60-day hunting season and guaranteed hunting license.

Location Name: Wyoming

Western lands outfitters operates in region K hunting both mule deer, antelope, and shiras moose. Region K is one the western Wyoming boundary on the high desert terrain. Nearly the whole unit is private. This unit has great access with UTV'S and is not a super physical hunt. The mule deer hunt consists of lots of glassing and will typically produce an 180+ trophy. This hunt season is typically October 1 thru 11 with a rifle and September 1 thru October 1 with a bow. Our antelope are great in this unit high 70's shooting lots of antelope in the 80's.

Location Name: Williams Ranch

Our Texas Ranch is located in West Central Texas in Schleicher & Tom Green Counties. Williams Ranch, settled in the middle of brush country hills and liveoak trees has been in the family for over 100 years. It is expertly managed and consistently produces trophy quality Whitetails.

Location Name: Pahvant

The Pahvant is one of Utah's premier elk hunting units located in central Utah on national forest. These hunts are based out of a private cabin on the unit. The elk herd population on this mountain is awesome, with few dull moments. These elk tags are available thru the state draw or by purchasing at the conservation banquet auctions. Past clients shot a 401 non typical and a 372 typical.

Location Name: Jackpot Ranch

Jackpot is a private ranch located on the northwest side of Utah and extends into Nevada. This high desert ranch is home to one of the best elk herds in the western states. The ranch is enrolled in Utah's CWMU program, which creates a 60-day hunting season and guaranteed hunting license. These hunts are typically during the bugle from September 10 thru October 10 and are all-inclusive.

Location Name: Henry Mountains

Western Lands Outfitters operates on the Henry Mountains in Utah. The Henry Mountains are located on the very southern end of the state and borders Lake Powell. This unit is nearly all BLM with little private property within. The Henrys are well known as one of the top mule deer units in the states, but also holds an awesome free ranging buffalo heard. The elevations range from 6500 to 11,800 with much of the unit being roadless. The rugged red rock country and the Indian pictographs push the cool factor way up in this unit. Past clients on the mule deer hunts have a 100% success and a 222-inch average. The buffalo hunt is typically a horse hunt unless you choose to buy the governors tag. We are a 100% success on trophy bulls; this is one of our favorite hunts.

Western Lands

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