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Western Lands Outfitters is a Utah-based business, specializing in big game hunting opportunities and long-range shooting schools. There are opportunities to hunt mule deer, elk, antelope, shiras moose, rocky mountain goats, desert bighorns, buffalo, rocky mountain bighorn, cougars, white-tail deer, aoudad sheep, hogs and turkeys. Many of these hunts take place on large private ranches with guaranteed landowner vouchers. We host these hunts primarily in Utah, Wyoming, and Texas.

Our focus at Western Lands is to be successful at hunting and harvesting the highest of quality animals. We pride ourselves on having some of the best professional guides in the industry.

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If you want to hunt antelope, you’ve come to the right place. Wyoming has more antelope than all the rest of the continent, and harvest success commonly exceeds 85%. Pronghorn, called antelope here, are found only in western North America.

Wyoming's most sought after antelope hunting is primarily found in south-central, central and southwest Wyoming. Most hunt areas in these parts of Wyoming have ample public access on lands managed by the BLM. Public land hunt areas are typically hard to draw. Antelope are also abundant in northeast and east-central Wyoming, although finding access can be difficult because the area is largely private land.

Aoudad Bighorn Sheep

Aoudad bighorn sheep, also called barbary, are native to North Africa. As a result, they have adapted to survive in dry, rough, barren, and water scarce habitats. They are expert climbers and have incredible eyesight. Consequently, they are difficult to hunt and 300-500 yard shots are not uncommon.

All sheep hunts are extremely challenging and hunters should arrive in great shape to maximize their chance of success. We often leave the truck at daybreak and do not return until well after dark. It is not uncommon for to walk 6-12 miles/day on sheep hunts.

Often referred to as the “Poor Man’s” sheep hunt, this is a physically challenging hunt that will put your hunting skills to the test. The reward for successful hunters is a truly magnificent trophy animal.


Deer huting is survival hunting or sport hunting for deer, which dates back tens of thousands of years. There are many types of deer around the world that are hunted. The ranches at Western Lands has two native deer breeds: Mule Deer and Whitetail Deer.

The mule deer is indigenous to western North America; it is names for its ears, which are large like those of the mule. The color of their tails and the configuration of their antlers are also noticeable differences. Mule deer antlers are bifurcated, meaning the fork as they grow, rather than branching from a single main beam, as is the case with white-tails.


Elk are more than twice as heavy as mule deer and have a more reddish hue to their hair coloring, as well as large, buff-colored rump patches and smaller tails. It is a ruminant species, with a four-chambered stomach, and feeds on grasses, plants, leaves and bark.

Elk have played an important role in the cultural history of a number of peoples. They have been used for food and spirituality rituals, and have been recognized as representing strength and courage. Elk hunts have always been popular with Western Lands and with an average weight of around 700 pounds for a bull elk, they are sure to give more than enough meat, along with great antler trophies.


Moose are distinguished by the braod, flat antlers of the males. Unlike most other deer species, moose are solitary animals and do not form herds. Although generally slow-moving and sedentary, moose can become aggressive and move quickly if angered or startled. The most common type of moose seen on our hunts are the Shiras moose.

Hunting moose with Western Lands is exciting, challening, and well rewarding, making it a once in a lifetime opportunity.


More than 7 million wild turkeys roam North america, with populations in every U.S. state but Alaska. Spring hunts target male turkeys, called gobblers, and fall hunts can target either sex. Western Lands typically hunts turkey with a shotgun, although bow and arrow is tarting to become more popular.

Turkey hunters need to wear full camoulfage, from head to toe (pants, shirts, hat, boots, gloves, and a mask), as wild turkey have excellent eyesight. Turkey hunting is a fun and exciting adventure that you can enjoy with Western Lands.

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